Meet The Naked Girls

Nasty Canasta learned to read at 3 years old; the nudity came even earlier. An internationally-renowned neo-burlesque star and "The Girl With The 44-DD Brain," Nasty is the host and producer of Naked Girls Reading NYC; the impresario behind Sweet & Nasty Burlesque; the reigning Cheese Queen of Coney Island; the real-world avatar of bio-mechanical beauty Kobayashi Maru; and the 2nd runner-up for Miss Exotic World 2010.

Photo by Philippe L'Oiseau

B.B. Heart is a Brooklyn-based artist and a founding member of Storybook Burlesque. She graduated with a BFA in studio art, but has since taken her art out of the studio and onto the burlesque stages of New York City, Boston, San Francisco and beyond. She loves bringing her expertise in movement, dance and vocal training to the burlesque stage and fusing the art of strip tease with her love of the dramatic.

Photo by Leland Bobbe

Bunny Love is the glittery glam punk of burlesque who can be seen blowing minds all over NYC and abroad! She loves being naked and loves reading ... this show is a dream come true!

Photo by Elsa Quarsell

Bambi the Mermaid, the Queen of Coney Island, is a burlesque and sideshow performer with a fondness for saltwater and freaks.

"The Girl Who Fell To Earth," Madame Rosebud is a frightfully honest stripper, burlesque nightmare, alien pin-up and android alt model.

Photo by Ivsuh Yoon

The Mimic Octopus of Burlesque

Full Name: Iris Explosion

Age: ????
Origin: Unknown
Rating: kaPOW

Strength: 25

Dexterity: 34
Charisma: 100%
Magic: +80
Luck: A billion

Photo by Steven Olender

Miss Mary Cyn is a classically trained actor with a BFA from NYU who takes her clothes off in bars.  She is the founder and co-producer of Original Cyn, 'the partyingest show in New York', and its offshoot production company The Cyn Factory.  She's also a member of Epic Win Burlesque: burlesque FOR nerds, BY nerds.  She has been performing burlesque since 2005  and stunning audiences all over the city with her singular style of dance, kinky sense of humor and creative twists on the art of burlesque.

Photo by Burke Heffner

Dangrrr Doll is the cutest little rapscallion in burlesque. With a BA in English literature and a name that hints at the literary rule of three, it's clear that if Dangrrr loves anything as much as she loves being naked, it's a good book!

Photo by Malgorzata Saniewska 


 Miss Jezebel Express is a New York-based burlesque artist, teacher, producer and dance choreographer. She holds a BA in Dance Choreography from the University of Iowa, and has been awarded State of Iowa, University of Iowa, Department of Dance and Newfoundland Arts Council grants for her artistic work. Jezebel founded the neo-burlesque scene in St. John's, Newfoundland in 2004. After a 2007 move to New York City, she took Gotham by storm, and is now producer of vintage fantasy jazz & burlesque party The Champagne Riot in New York City. Jezebel currently performs at various venues around New York City, as well as nationally and internationally at festivals and performance events.

 "The Delicate Flower of Burlesque,” Hazel Honeysuckle got her start in December of 2009. A childhood ballerina, Hazel found her love for performing in weekend recitals at nursing homes, tutus and sequined costumes in tow. She spends her days rhinestoning and dreaming up even more elaborate costumes! Hazel has performed with various shows including Wasabassco Burlesque, Sweets’ Shop, the NY Pinup Club, the Wham Bam Slam Variety Hour, Dim Sum Burlesque, D20 Burlesque, and at venues including The Slipper Room, City Winery, Nurse Bettie, Union Hall, Duane Park and R Bar. Hazel is into dancing, dress-up, sewing, crafting, sci-fi, fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, and dorks. Some of her favorite reading materials include the Harry Potter series, Snow Crash, Kurt Vonnegut, Brave New World, 1984, the Song of Ice and Fire series, and anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy!

Photo by Fernando
A born and bred New Yorker, Legs Malone is the Girl With The Thirty-Four and a Half Inch Inseam Legs got her start through London's famed Whoopee club in 2006 and has performed on stages throughout NYC, London, Las Vegas, LA & more. Legs was Associate Producer at Sugar Shack Burlesque, and produced The Legs Malone Show, an exhibition of performative art with a distinctly burlesque twist, from 2008-10. She continues to perform widely throughout the NYC area and all over the world. With a formal training in Art History & Contemporary Art, Legs brings a developed eye towards the aesthetics of theater, performance and entertainment to create humorous and titillating acts for the audience's pleasure.
Photo by Luke Ratray

Darlinda Just Darlinda,“Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza,” has been a burlesque performer and producer in NYC and nationally since 2003. In October 2009 she participated in Taylor Mac’s Obie-winning play The Lily’s Revenge as The Bride Love, and can be seen in Season 1, Episode 6 of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire as “Upscale Whore #1.” She’s crossed over into performance art with her year long “life as art” projects,“The Year in Rainbow” and “The Year in Dance.” Darlinda is one half of the Burlesque duo The Schlep Sisters. In October of 2007 she participated in the Feminist Neo-Burlesque Symposium at The Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London. 

Photo by Cat Feral

Justina Walford is one of the owners of Bare Naked Bake Sale, a website dedicated to doing good naked. She enjoys holding bake-offs and having sugar hangovers. Justina has been naked on Wall Street, in an art gallery window and in a bar in New Jersey. This last sentence is more of a confession than a list of credits, but she will claim she did it for art.

Barbara Gordon, "The Naked Librarian," is a real-life librarian who wants you to return those overdue books - now!

Hailing from some decayed hamlet in Washington State, Creamy Stevens is the child of slaughterhouse workers. She learned she loved to entertain through making children cry at the juvenile detention center where she spent most of her teens.

A longtime co-producer of the NYC landmark Starshine Burlesque, these days Creamy Stevens continues to hone her criminally insane mind at various shows throughout New York City and beyond.

Creamy loves rhinestones and a good steak.
Photo by Elsa Quarsell

Evelyn Vinyl spent many years doing theatrical costume design before realizing it was more fun to take the clothes off rather than make them. A Renaissance woman in style and skill, Evelyn is one part femme fatale and one part rock and roll - as though Marlene Dietrich and Joan Jett had a love-child. You can catch her all around the city and Brooklyn and regularly performing with Wasabassco Burlesque.

Photo by Ben Trivett
Scooter Pie is currently co-producer of NYC's hit weekly burlesque dance party, Shaken & Stirred. She also does other things.
Gal Friday, "The Five-Alarm Fire of Burlesque," is a former Miss Coney Island and a current instructor with the New York School of Burlesque. Gal likes to be naked and knows how to read - all of which makes her very excited to be a regular part of Naked Girls Reading.

Photo by Malgorzata Saniewska

Jenny C’est Quoi is a founding member of Storybook Burlesque. Hailing from below the Mason-Dixon, she has since performed throughout New York City and beyond. With a five-year improv comedy background and array of absurdist acts, Jenny lives up to her moniker, "The Sexy Non-Sequitur of Burlesque."

Photo by Leland Bobbé

Peekaboo Pointe, "The Fastest Tassel-Twirler from East to West," has graced the stage of nearly every burlesque show in NYC. Peekaboo started out as a classically trained modern dancer studying under Bill T. Jones, Mark Morris Dance Group and more, eventually venturing off on a tour of Cuba studying Afro-Cuban Dance with the group Cutumba. Since then, Peekaboo has applied her extensive knowledge of dance to the nightlife of New York City and turned it into striptease gold. Peekaboo's talented tassels spin not only on stage but also on a higher level - adoring audiences are left breathless as she performs her rare and impressive shows of skill on the trapeze! 

Often called "The Moving Violation" and "The Make it Happen Girl", RunAround Sue is the founder and Artistic Director of Sugar Shack Burlesque. Miss Sue has a background in performance and first appeared on the stage in a mother's day play presented by her kindergarten class. She played the little girl. She also spent many years developing the runaround part of herself through long and varied road trips during which she would say things like, "Can we stop by Memphis today?" and "How about we head North?" In 2008, she returned to Richmond Virginia where she was instrumental in shaping the current burlesque revival there. In 2010 RunAround Sue expanded her horizons with performances in London, Malta and France.
Photo by Lane Benson

Since 2005, GiGi La Femme has been named one of New York City’s sultriest striptease stars and is the producer of Revealed Burlesque. A Golden Pastie Award winner for Best Booty Shaker 2009, Perfect Posterior 2011 and Miss Coney Island 2010, the multi-talented bump ‘n’ grinder, go-go girl, chanteuse and pin-up model has traveled the nation with the ladies of Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go. In October 2011, she left her hometown of New York City with sights on Nashville, TN. To keep track of this Yankee gal's fun-loving adventures in Dixieland and around the world, check GiGi out online and catch her if you can ♥

Photo by Luke Ratray

Sapphire Jones is a sweet and sexy burlesque dancer with a flare for the comedic. A regular with Naked Girls Reading NYC, she has performed all over New York City and the East Coast and can be seen regularly as performer and host for Wasabassco Burlesque.

Photo by Beau Allulli
Stormy Leather, known as "The Naked Girl of Burlesque," swept in from the the plains of Oklahoma to breeze through the ranks of the NYC burlesque scene. Stormy blows away audiences with a whirlwind of elegance, ingenuity, and seduction. Her repertoire of original material is a cyclone of genres: fan dancing, tassel twirling, sexually ambiguous drag, rock n' roll, and even rope bondage and hot wax fetishism. A Stormy Leather strip tease showers you with sex and talent, leaving you breathless, winded, and wet.

Born in a California vineyard on a starry night while her hippie parents grooved to old Wagner recordings, Aria Vines was destined for a life filled with grand opera, fine wine, sexual revolution, and sparkles.
Though she now graces the stages of grand opera houses, her wanton years as backup singer to San Francisco drag queen Pussy Tourette taught her a love for performance. And nudity. And drinking wine. In the nude. Her eventual move to NYC found the drinking good, the opera not nearly so prim and pristine as most would expect, and that body glitter and sequins still make everything a bit more exciting. Currently Aria spends her time between keeping opera edgy, enabling fellow winos, and dipping her toes in burlesque bacchanalia, where she gets to channel the spirits of Wagner and Mozart with a delightful medium-bodied balance of fruit and acid.

Velocity Chyaldd is an eclectic, shameless, and morbid dreamer who is hellbent on manifesting her own crazy, jazzy, spicy, tawdry, little netherworld. She claims to embrace life savagely as a writer, vocalist, performance artist, painter, actress, hermit, provocateur, solo witch, sexual revolutionist, lead singer of the band Vulgaris, and the producer of Badass Burlesque.
Photo by Lucky Lawler


Growing up a tomboy on a rural farm in Pennsylvania, little Anja Keister yearned to live the glamorous life like the drag queens and cabaret performers she saw on the television and in the movies. Her discovery of the burlesque and pin-up world helped her find an outlet for her ideas and dreams. Anja has performed all over the city,in some neighboring states and currently co-produces D20 Burlesque, a monthly gamer themed burlesque where she really gets her geek on.

Photo by Dale Rio

Dr. Flux was born out of a science experiment gone horribly fabulous! When not doing research towards his PhD in neuroscience, Dr. Flux has rapidly made a name for himself in the New York City performance and art scenes. As a performer, his work has been a part of shows at the Bowery Poetry Club, Galapagos Art Space, the Parkside Lounge and more . As an artist, Dr. Flux's makeup and body painting has been seen at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, in photo series by international photographers, and was on display in the Philadelphia Gender Reel festival.

Chris McDaniel is a Baptist preacher's kid who preached his first sermon at age 6 - so he got his training early. Since then he's become a world champion trick roper, two-time world record holder with bullwhips, and one of the top Wild West Cowboy Entertainers in the world. As an actor/singer he's appeared in two Broadway national tours. With his one-man wild west show he's entertained audiences from around the world and is a featured performer for most of the year now at top resorts in Mexico. But he's really tired of doing shows for American tourists and little buckaroos and buckarettes and he's so glad to finally become the rebellious preacher's kid and head for New York City and the burlesque corral! Yee Ha!

Bradley Spinelli has herded cattle, worked on Wall Street, and run away with the circus. He has lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, since 1999, when the neighborhood was rife with grit and promise. His play Elusive was presented by the National New Playwrights Network in Denver and given a staged reading at 13th Street Rep (NYC). His play Ifni, set in Morocco, was workshopped in New York, and his one-act Pretty Mouth was produced at the Duplex.  One of his novels was a semifinalist for the Faulkner (Pirate’s Alley) Competition. His short fiction has previously been published by Sparkle Street Press, Le Chat Noir, and he competed in Canteen Magazine’s first flash fiction write-off versus Dana Goodyear. Selections from Killing Williamsburg recently appeared in Sensitive Skin. Spinelli is also the winner of the 2013 Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors, with a forthcoming excerpt in the Ampersand Review. Spinelli is working on a novel set in Bangkok.