Wednesday, February 15th at 9:00 pm

It's February 15th: you awake once again to find yourself staring into the dull plastic eyes of yet another cheap pink teddy bear who promised last night to "wuv u 4-eva". In the cold hard light of day, after the saccharine high has worn off, it's easy to find yourself once again thinking, "What did Cupid do to me?" Well, the Naked Girls are here for you, with their Valentines' Day Hangover: in-the-buff readings of love and lust, without the hearts-and-flowers.

Host Nasty Canasta is joined by Velocity Chyaldd, Jenny C'est Quoi and Evelyn Vinyl, as the Naked Girls share stories of how love really is: silly and sexy, naughty and sublime.
It's the perfect treat for the Valentine who's still there once the chocolates and champagne are all gone.

at Under St. Marks - 94 St. Marks Place, NYC

Tickets: $20 | 2 for $35

Seating is limited - advance purchase recommended
CLICK HERE or call 212-868-4444