Photos of the Naked Girls by Francine Daveta
 (Evelyn Vinyl, Nasty Canasta & Dangrrr Doll)


The New Yorker (August 19, 2013)

Photos of the Naked Girls by KL Thomas
for Horse Trade Theater Group 

Francine The Lucid Dream

Hazel Honeysuckle

Scooter Pie

Gal Friday, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Creamy Stevens, Nasty Canasta
Hazel Honeysuckle, Scooter Pie, Francine the Lucid Dream, Jenny C'est Quoi

Hazel Honeysuckle, Francine the Lucid Dream, Scooter Pie, Creamy Stevens
Nasty Canasta, Jenny C'est Quoi

Naked Girls Reading presents Painted Girls Reading (October 2011

 Dr. Flux works his magic before the show.

 Nasty Canasta reads The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

 Gal Friday reads American Psycho

 The Naked Librarian (and Encyclopedia Brown) shows the way.

 Creamy Stevens shares some emails by David Thorne

Nasty Canasta, Barbara Gordon (The Naked Librarian), Dr. Flux, Gal Friday & Creamy Stevens

Naked Girls Reading Gets Overly Dramatic (August 2011

 The NGR Drama Club:
Sapphire Jones, Gal Friday, Nasty Canasta, Tansy

Naked Girls Reading presents The Emerald Isle (March 2011)

 Honi Harlow, Stormy Leather, RunAround Sue, Sapphire Jones

Naked Girls Reading presents Love Stinks! (February 2011)
Photos by Yana Paskova for The New York Times
for the article All Around Town, Stories Well Told

 The audience at Madame X

Bunny Love

 Peekaboo Pointe & Bunny Love

The Naked Librarian, Nasty Canasta, Bunny Love, Peekaboo Pointe

Naked Girls Reading Tween Lit (April 2010)
Photos by Paul Crispin Quitoriano

Clams Casino, B.B. Heart, Bunny Love

B.B. Heart

Nasty Canasta

Bunny Love

Naked Girls Reading PULP (Dec. 2009)
Sketches by T. Motley

Naked Girls Reading Banned Books (Oct. 2009)
Photos by Mollye Chudacoff

Legs Malone, Jo Boobs, Sapphire Jones

Michelle L'Amour

Gal Friday

Nasty Canasta

Sapphire Jones