Naked Girls Reading presents

Wednesday, October 21st at 9:00 pm

On October 21st New York's "Best Story Hour" (The Village Voice Best of NY) tingles your spine, curdles your blood and raises your hair with a night of classic horror! Join your favorite naked readers, plus all the best ghosts, vampires, werewolves and cthulhus that vintage literature has to offer: from Shelley to Stevenson, Stoker to Wells, 

Naked Girls Reading HORROR CLASSICS is a night of eerie enjoyment!

Host Nasty Canasta and Naked Girls Anja Keister, BB Heart and Zoe Zigfeld will be dressed in their finest goosebumps for this evening of superior spookiness and traditional terror. Be sure to keep the lights on for Naked Girls Reading HORROR CLASSICS!

at Under St. Marks - 94 St. Marks Place, NYC
Tickets: $25

Seating is limited - advance purchase recommended
 CLICK HERE for tickets